CountZero's Monthly Shadowrun Game

Best Served Cold

Characters were hired by a “Mister Jaron” of Falcone Corporate Consultants (a firm that hosts retreats for corporate executives/teams) to retrieve an individual that was abducted from the facilities that same day. The individual in question, one Jonathan Belenkiy, is a mid-level executive with Ares. His abductors were 3 human or amerindian women based on the camera footage. After the abduction, Jaron recieved a note claiming responsability for the abduction and suggesting that if ransom demands are not met, not only will Belenkiy be killed, the abductor will release information stating that it was Falcone Corporate Consultants that made the decision not to rescue the doomed executive, thus ruining the business’ reputation.

The PC’s tracked the kidnappers to a Sioux Warrior Bar named the hardpan. They convinced the bartender, who occasionally works as a fixer for Sioux runners to set up a meet with the individuals in question at a local park after hours.



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