James "Mac" McAnnelly

Proprietor of McAnnelly's Bar and Grill


“Mac” is the owner of McAnnelly’s Bar and Grill in the Pueblo Sector. The business has been established for 13 years and is Mac’s retirement, from the life of a ’runner. He still maintains contact with that world, however, and acts as a sometime fixer and intermediary for select people, mostly old acquaintances from his old life. Mac has sun-parched, rough skin – a mark of too many outdoor activities, and a large scar over his left eye.


One of the things that sets Mac apart from other people is that for reasons unknown to the general populous, Mac is one of the few people who can deliver food to the Denver Data Haven without being checked. They have cleared him for nearly unlimited access on food deliveries.

James "Mac" McAnnelly

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